Briefly about the project

Initiator of the project: 

The large Ukrainian agricultural holding having in the assets – the big agricultural grounds (the earth of agricultural appointment, at the moment land bank makes not less than 2000 hectares), wine of storage, the real estate, hothouse complexes, and many other things.

1. Cultivation of hothouse vegetables, in own hothouse complex
2. Cultivation of vegetables on the open ground
3. In plans – industrial cultivation of mushrooms, industrial cultivation of fish, infrastructure projects, industrial processing
...and many other things

Legal entity which is issuer of a token of AGTI: 

AgroGloryTime (AGT) corporation which is based generally on assets of large agricultural holding - JSC APG Zakarpatsky sad.
For today the hothouse AGT complex uses the "starting" areas – 25 hectares, from them 5 hectares of the closed soil and full eco-friendly infrastructure. 

The sum of investments – 2 million dollars. Annual profit – 2 million dollars.
One of key advantages – availability of available water that is crucially important for agribusiness. Directly glad with today's grounds the deep river of the Yew flows. For information - historically this area and is called – "zatisyanshchina", i.e. "for Tisoy / near Tisya"

AGTI the TOKEN is the token provided with the real, working, agricultural business!

Legal information

Below references to documents of the companies which it is possible to study in open access are given:
- Public contract of sale of a token (offer):
- Documents of the company (rights possession, registers, extracts, etc.)

Both companies public, open, their data are in open sources and the state registers what everyone can independently make sure of.

a little history


With 2020, Owners of JSC APG Zakarpatsky sad made the decision to carry out attraction of investment means, for further large-scale development of the direction of cultivation of vegetables (on the discovered and closed soil). An attraction format – direct fiat investments. 
In 2022, wishing to expand potential audience of investors and to introduce more perfect model and also without wishing to contact bank financing and standard types of investment, AgroGloryTime made the decision and created the token AGTI on the unique model allowing is mutually advantageous to raise crypto funds from around the world, to use them in agribusiness and to pay profit to owners of a token, at the same time avoiding bureaucratic delays and other inconveniences and difficulties.
The decision to use the ICO model on the basis of a crypto token which was on sale and on sale openly was made. The token, in fact is "stocks" of the company. For large investors, there are special conditions (further will be more detailed). 
The token left "in masses" in 2022, and following the results of 2022 brought, to today's owners of a token, up to 80% of percent of income.

The model of a token of AGTI looks as follows:
– all funds from sale of a token (for USDT) are allocated in business
– 75% of profit on agribusiness are paid to owners of tokens quarterly in USDT (BEP20, on a purse through which tokens are bought)
– the profitability and the price of a token grow with capitalization of the company

The real enterprise, there is a visible and tangible work, there are reports, there is an opportunity even to organize an excursion to subject to investment. As I wrote above – all package of documents about the company, the property rights is available and other - all are provided in open access and it is possible to check easily on the registers opened at us - from cofounders, to cadastral numbers of the land plots. 

About the purposes and plans of the Company.

One of the key purposes - capitalization up to $100.000 for hectare that isn't a "fantastic" indicator, and really achievable. At achievement of such indicators of capitalization, there are plans of further development and purchase of additional land grounds both in Ukraine, and in the EU, and it is possible also other countries, for the purpose of transformation of AGT (AgroGloryTime) the company of the international format.

Plans of the company

Besides attraction of investments the corporation has both other key plans, and the purposes (and it is possible to make sure of it personally)

1. Expansion of the areas of greenhouse facility
2. Expansion of the range and a set of grades of the grown-up vegetables
3. Entry into new sales markets
4. One of the key purposes – achievement of financial indicator of capitalization up to $100.000 for hectare

5. Realization of "utilitarian function of a token", which purpose – increase in the cost of a token due to additional technologies and decisions. Until information is closed for community, announcements will be a little later.

When buying a token through our partner network (using the referral code UWnQpvK2), you will receive an additional bonus
15% refund of the purchase amount, in USDT to your wallet, which you can use at your discretion!