Question: What is AgroGloryTime?

Answer: Agro Glory Time Corporation (AGT) is based on the assets of a large agricultural holding - OAO APG "Zakarpatsky Sad", TOV "SEVLYUSHFOODZ" and other companies of the corporation.
Today (Q 1-2023), the AGT greenhouse complex uses "starting" areas - 25 hectares, of which 5 hectares are covered ground and a complete environmentally friendly infrastructure. The entire land bank is 2,000 ha.
One of the key benefits is the availability of accessible water, which is critical for agribusiness. Right next to today's land flows the full-flowing river Tisza. For information - historically this area is called - "Zatisyanshchina", i.e. "beyond the Tisza/near the Tisza"

1. Growing greenhouse vegetables in your own greenhouse complex
2. Growing vegetables outdoors
3. The plans include mushroom, fish production, infrastructure projects, industrial processing and much more ...



Question: What are the goals and plans of the company?
Company goals:
One of the key goals is capitalization up to $100,000 per hectare, which is not a "fantastic" indicator. Upon reaching such capitalization indicators, there are plans for further development and purchase of additional land in the EU, and possibly other countries, with the aim of turning AGT (Agro Glory Time) into an international company.

Company plans:
1. Expansion of greenhouse areas
2. Expansion of the range and set of varieties of cultivated vegetables
3. Entering new markets
4. One of the key goals is to achieve a financial capitalization indicator of up to $100,000 per hectare
5. Implementation of the "utility function of the token", the purpose of which is to increase the value of the token through additional technologies and solutions.


Question: What is AGTI?
Answer: The AGTI Corporation Token is the world's first bridge between real business and crypto technologies.
Technical data:
Contract address: 0xE67feefC1c3C9725397a303B6Fcb5c099411e7b4
Decimal token: 0 (integer)
Title: AGTI
Network: BSC (BEP20) Smart Chain
Total supply: 1, 000, 000, 000
Circulating supply: 20, 000, 000
Maximum offer: 1, 000, 000, 000
Cost (as of 03/09/2023) - $ 0.087


Question: Why choose BNB Smart Chain?
Answer: There are several reasons for this:
1. High transaction speed
2. Low network fees (unlike Bitcoin/Ethereum)
3. Transparency of transactions and commissions
4. Reliability of the network - it is supported by the largest international crypto company BINANCE. We recommend using their BINANCE exchange to buy BNB(BEP20) and USDT (BEP20) tokens - BINANCE exchange will provide you with many options for depositing fiat funds and the most convenient means to buy BNB(BEP20) and USDT (BEP20) tokens!


Question: How many tokens are for sale and how many have already been sold?
Answer: At the moment (03/09/2023), 12, 125, 379 tokens out of 20,000,000 offered for sale have been sold.


Question: Is the AGTI token backed by real shares of the company?
Answer: Yes, that's right! I will also note additionally - AGTI in the amount of 100,000 units is unconditionally exchanged for real 0.01% participation in the company (that is, if you wish, you can exchange them for real shares of the company).


Question: What is AGTInw?
Answer: Back in 2011, not being familiar with the Blockchain technology already in operation at that time, we began to think (then this idea was just hanging in the air) about a system for creating virtual value and generating a new type of virtual money from it and the resulting payment system. The second and third questions at that time had already been brilliantly solved by S. Nakamoto in 2009, although the world accepted this decision closer to 2013. The issue of value generation is still in its infancy. Yes, there are games and other applications whose tokens people are willing to buy because they benefit them. But globally, for example, bitcoin and many other coins are, in fact, just distributed dynamic tables. Since the launch of smart contracts by V. Buterin, these tables have been managed by decentralized programs. New methods of anonymization, confidentiality and security have emerged. But tables remained tables. Now, with the help of the utility function of the AGTI token, we launch the generation of value by the network (in a broader sense than the blockchain allows) in the real world, namely, the value of ideas, knowledge and solutions created.


Question: Why AGTI?
Answer: Let me remind you that AGTI is built on a unique crypto-financing model for real business.
The development and implementation of the AGTI utility function will proceed step by step. And, if for step 1 we have enough of our own funds and developers, the existing AGTI community, then the second step will require about 10,000 participants, third-party developers and a significant budget. Counting on the fact that all this will be provided by an ordinary “empty” token is reckless. But AGTI is a good tool for this purpose. And developers can accept payment in AGTI, understanding that the price of the token grows over time, as well as payments on it - this has already been proven by experience. And people who are interested in our idea will be more willing to buy a profitable token of a real business, based on the fact that whether the utility will shoot is not a fact, but AGTI will still make a profit.



Question: When will this utility be launched?
Answer: After the publication of the idea, we hope for an influx of both money (through the purchase of a token) and brains (this is why the referral program was invented to convey our ideas and find supporters around the world). Accordingly, in the time before the withdrawal of the vesting of the token, we are counting on serious progress in the utilitarian area as well. When the vesting is removed, the first version of the utility will be launched, and the calculations for it will be carried out by just unlocked AGTI.


Question: Growth prospects?
Answer: If our idea succeeds and creates a large community, and the value in the network is actually generated, then the cost of AGTI will increase very significantly, the probability of such a development of events is non-zero... Otherwise, a limited community will use the utility function. Most likely, the third option is likely - gradual development, a gradual increase in value.


Question: Prospects?
Answer: We are sure they are!


Question: How is value generated on the network?
Answer: We believe that the idea is fresh, therefore, before copyright protection and international patenting, to disclose such know-how is to harm yourself and the owners of the token, therefore we ask for a little patience.



Question: Roadmap?
Answer: Required:

Q2-Q3 2022
• Development of a smart contract token
• Development of a smart contract for the sale of tokens
• Building a community on Telegram and Twitter
• Sales


Q3-Q4 2022
• Site development
• Start giving away USDT as a reward
• Litepaper
• Increasing the price of the token to 0.1$


Q1-Q2 2023
• Collection and sale of winter crops
• Increasing the price of the token to 0.2$
• Remuneration in the amount of 25% per annum


Q2-Q4 2023
• Construction of 20 greenhouses
• The first stage of the launch of the mushroom project
• Increasing the price of the token to 0.4$
• Remuneration in the amount of 25% per annum


Q1-Q4 2024
• Construction of 50 greenhouses
• The second stage of the launch of the mushroom project
• Launch of logistics centers
• Increasing the price of the token to 0.7$
• Remuneration in the amount of 40% per annum


Q1-Q4 2025
• Construction of 50 greenhouses
• The third stage of the launch of the mushroom project
• Launch of a fish farm
• Increasing the price of the token to 1.2$
• Estimated remuneration 50–70% per annum



Question: Legal information?
Answer: Public contract for the sale of a token (offer):
Company documents (ownership rights, registers, extracts, etc.): https://sevlushfoods.com/nashi-dokumenty
Both companies are public, open, their data is in open sources and state registers, which everyone can see for themselves.

Question: and yet, where can you get acquainted with the real profitability of the farm?
Answer: Real token report for 2022:
Vegetable harvest: ~500 t
Average price: 35 UAH/kg
Sales volume: $440 000
Payouts for tokens: ~70.000$
Planned costs: 200.000 $
Unplanned expenses: 150.000$
Profit AGT: 20.000$

Apart from vegetables and greenhouses, no other projects were funded.
It should be understood that the specifics of vegetable growing allows you to trade for cash through FOP (tax optimization), which greatly simplifies the transfer of these funds to crypto and vice versa

Therefore, you will not find financial results in the reports, only assets of about UAH 200 million, because. the financial flow goes through the sole proprietorship and they are converted to pay income to investors in cryptocurrency. In our legal framework, such operations are not recorded in the financial results of the parent company.

Clarification on distribution: The OVO APG Zakarpatsky Sad (EDRPOU code 00413771) has UAH 125 million, the remaining UAH 75 million belongs to the companies that are part of the corporation. For example, 30 million UAH - TOV Sevlyushfudz.
Everything can be viewed in the service of open state registries, service https://youcontrol.com.ua/. In an extended subscription to this service, all information about the company is available, including financial indicators. The cost of an annual subscription to the youcontrol.com.ua service is approximately UAH 700 ($15/year)


Question: I would like to see: what exactly is the company producing now, how many people are in the state. More "dry numbers".
Answer: 25 hectares of open ground are now actively used, plowed up and sown in April, 18,000 cucumber bushes and 30,000 tomatoes were sown in greenhouses. Harvest will start on 15.03
The planned weight of the spring harvest is from 700 to 1000 tons, the price is 80 UAH / kg, the staff is 20 people, the rest are hired seasonally (up to 50 people)
For example: Fall 2021 https://youtu.be/4LOW_43WF6g


Question: where can I get acquainted with the guarantees for the investor? And how are they fixed (KYC)?
Answer: KYC is required, and it is! Please study the offer
Website in three languages

Question: Will there be a guaranteed buyout price?
Answer: There will be no repurchase, we are preparing to enter the exchanges then it will be possible to sell


Question: God forbid, but suppose tomorrow a meteorite falls on the farm / blows away a tornado / flood / etc., what will happen to investors? I would like to understand this mechanism.
Answer: Great question! We are increasing the area for growing vegetables in the open field. Therefore, under such a development scenario, we will fully recover in about a year.
I will give a simple calculation for growing cabbage in the open field, for understanding
Per 1 ha: 60.000 heads
1 head: 4 kg
Price: 15-30 UAH/kg
Costs per 1 ha: 500.000 UAH.


Question: where can I watch a video about the company, and specifically this business?
Answer: https://youtu.be/4LOW_43WF6g
Description: Agro-business in Zatisyanshchina, in Korolev, a powerful greenhouse complex was built.
Or on our website in the gallery !



Question: All of your referral programs are Ponzi schemes, i.e. financial pyramid!

Answer: Let's try to figure it out, shall we?
 To begin with, it is very important to understand that the system implemented by AGT, and we are talking about the referral system, is a kind of modification of the model from the world of modern business, called MLM!

By the way, this business model (not to be confused with the "scheme") is used by a huge number of large international companies with dozens of years of history and millions of customers.
If you look at the modern market, these are very decent, stable, and well-known international brands that sell popular goods and / or services, and in the process of implementation, giving the opportunity to receive additional income to all project participants!
Those. 2 goals are achieved:
1. The main products of the company are sold
2. The network of potential consumers is expanding due to "buyer's partners" and also gives him additional income
As a result, a certain synergistic effect is obtained - the company, having sold 1 product to 1 person, very soon sells, thanks to this, 1 person 2-3-5 ... units of goods. At the same time, both the company and the participant in the sale model receive income.
In summary, the first important clarification: the main difference between network marketing and a pyramid scheme is that a network company is based on a REAL PRODUCT that needs to be promoted and sold!
In AGT, the product is the AGTI investment token. Again I will hear voices "so this is not a product - this is pure "virtualism" and nothing more."
But let's not rush, let's find out more!
Purposes of this product (AGTI):
- Attraction of investment funds. With the help of a convenient mechanism based on blockchain technology, which removes a huge number of restrictions for potential investors. Moreover, it removes both the problem of the "entrance threshold" (it is almost non-existent) and the complexity of a higher level - the complexity of, for example, cross-border investments. All these restrictions or difficulties are generated by the existing legal framework, the accepted rules of the game "on the fiat market". Blockchain technology - in this case, provides undeniable advantages for both business owners and investors - simple, affordable, transparent!
- Through the sale of the token, the business receives working capital for development. As a result, investments are converted into the production of a real product, its sale, income generation, and the payment of dividends to token holders as a reward for participating in an investment project, i.e. as investors.

Those. a seemingly technological "virtual asset" - is transformed into a real, physical object, the sale of which brings income to all participants! Moreover, in the current situation, after the global pandemic, the destabilization of the world economy, in the presence of a shortage of food (this is a real problem), the products produced are in great demand and highly liquid!
Well, I repeat once again - the referral model allows you to get additional income in addition to direct investment income, attracting potential investors who are simply not in the information space of the project.


Now let's get back to those who see the "Ponzi scheme" in the AGTI referral program:
The principle of operation of the financial pyramid has a different model, but here I would call it a "scheme". And it consists in the constant receipt of funds from its participants and payments to the "first participants" at the expense of the "second participants". Without producing anything!
And so on until they run out of those from whom you can collect money to pay "dividends" to more nimble participants, and the organizers of such a scheme. Those. in this scheme, the real product or service is NOT MANUFACTURED. There is a primitive redistribution of funds between "pockets"


Question: The offer - why does it look a little unadapted for 2023?
Answer: The offer will be necessarily adapted to the changes, which happened quite a lot in 2020-2023!
First of all, there have been legislative changes in Ukraine and the EU! Secondly, in preparation for entering the exchanges, we are obliged to adjust the document in accordance with the requirements of the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission).
Why don't we change now? Now there is a serious preparation and study of changes. The legal partner is a Western law firm that thoroughly works through each item of the document. But at the moment, for example, the law of Ukraine regarding digital assets has not yet been adopted with all the amendments (no amendments have been made to the TCU). It also needs to be adapted to the new EU norms, as well as taking into account our innovations in the utility function (announcement coming soon - stay tuned for updates!).

The issue of tokens for the crowdsale will also be adapted. The initial plans, to a greater extent, were fulfilled, adjustments were made for 2023, according to the offer agreement - based on the results of the past year, we are forming plans for the next. We deliberately left room for maneuver in a certain corridor of opportunities, but strategically nothing changes, plans and steps - everything is described in section 4.x of the document. There is also an open access interactive financial model on the site. In practice, we are moving according to this model.

Question: I took as a basis a statement of shares, their value, and something doesn’t agree with the “arithmetic” of providing a token?
Answer: I agree - there is an ambiguous picture, due to the fact that some nuances are not taken into account.
The problem with the way to evaluate the security of the token by the value of the shares is that these shares were issued back in the 90s, and their nominal value does not correspond to today's real value of the assets. Stocks are "correct" in quantitative terms, but not relevant in terms of value in financial terms. Reissuing shares is not the easiest thing, and besides, it can arouse suspicion. We decided not to do this, at least in the near future.
Therefore, the value of a share should not be taken from "1990", but from the estimated value of the company's assets today / NUMBER of shares. The estimated value of the company's assets for 2022 is $50 million!
Further. How do we think now. Firstly, we are tied to our current assets, which are guaranteed not to decrease, and in the course of our activities and our development plans, they fall off, or evade their value. Why? A very simple example: a hectare of "bare" land, conditionally costs 25,000 dollars, then land with an irrigation system, greenhouses, and other add-ons for greenhouse farming costs already 35,000 dollars.
Our assets, which now form the security of all tokens, are:
- about 2000 hectares of land right on the border with Hungary and Romania
- rock wine storage with barrels
- greenhouse farming
There is an objective assessment that these assets, as of 2022, are estimated at $50 million.
But a very important clarification - if we talk about the real market price, only land in large plots, right on the border (mentioned above 2000 hectares.) Today has a real market value of about 50 million dollars.
Profitability per year, in the amount of 2-4 million dollars, also confirms this assessment.
The total number of issued tokens is 1 billion. Accordingly, there is a full compliance with the nominal value of the token of 0.05 dollars, that is, a billionth of the value of REAL assets.
With the growth of profit and capitalization, the price of the token and with it the share grows
Let me remind you once again - we are an open company, we are ready to answer your questions, and if you did not find answers to your questions / documents / calculations - please contact us, we will definitely help you!

When buying a token through our partner network (using the referral code UWnQpvK2), you will receive an additional bonus
15% refund of the purchase amount, in USDT to your wallet, which you can use at your discretion!