Brief instructions for buying a token

The scheme of sale the simplest, is automated also transparent !
Small retreat: using the brought here, our referral code you receive 15% a bonus upon purchase. I.e. if you buy 1000 AGTI using our code – on the next Monday after purchase, to you another 15%, from the purchase sum will be added. 
Charge will be made in USDT BEP20, information will be displayed in a private office then you will be able to remove this sum at once and to use at your discretion. 

Total having bought by our referral code 1000 AGTI for 83 USDT, you receive upon - 1000 AGTI + 12.45 USDT.

In the above example, the calculation of the cost is given on 02/20/2023. The current price "for today" is available on the website in the purchase section.


The short instruction for purchase of a token of AGTI (AgroGloryTime): 

1. Establish Metamask (it is possible to use also TrustWallet). If you do not know how to create a Metamask wallet - this link to the video instruction will help you (will open in a new tab), this video instruction will also be provided below.
2. Add BSC network. ATTENTION - all further steps are made by BSC network - BNB Smart Chain!!!
3. Transfer to a purse of a few BNB BEP20, for providing gas for transaction payment
4. Transfer in a purse the amount in USDT BEP20 which you plan to invest
5. To visit at the link https://agroglorytime.io/ (referral code: UWnQpvK2, it is possible to enter it manually into the Referral Code field)
6. Attach a purse (Metamask or TrustWallet) to the website. 
7. If your purse suggests to add AGTI token - agree, the system will automatically add a token to your purse.
8. Press "to APPLY"
9. Press "to BUY AGTI"

To confirm actions in a purse:
- write-off of gas for transaction, in BNB BEP20
- write-off of means in USDT (BEP20), for payment of a token of AGTI. 
After completion of operation of purchase, you on the page will have "private office", with your data. If the private office isn't displayed – just refresh the page of your browser.

1. If the purse didn't suggest you to add a token, you can add him to manual:
Contract address: 0xE67feefC1c3C9725397a303B6Fcb5c099411e7b4
Word length of a token: 0 (integer)
Name: AGTI

2. After purchase as it was told above, the token is in the blocked state. I.e. in the purse (Metamask or TrustWallet) it won't appear in the quantity equal to the bought tokens. You can see balance and the status of a token in a private office. 


Will look approximately so:

When buying a token through our partner network (using the referral code UWnQpvK2), you will receive an additional bonus
15% refund of the purchase amount, in USDT to your wallet, which you can use at your discretion!


Link to video instruction on how to create and use a Metamask wallet.